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No BS! Brass Band / Lauren Eylise

  • No BS! Brass Band


    Based in Richmond, Virginia, No BS! Brass Band has quickly earned a reputation as a premiere band to see for heart-pounding energy and uncontrollable dancing. They take their music into uncharted territory, embracing the spirit of New Orleans into its original East Coast modern funk and fearlessly combining elements of James Brown, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin into their fiercely original sound.


    Founders Reggie Pace and Lance Koehler have cast this 11-piece band in which nearly every member has had conservatory training, holding various degrees in music. In putting together the compositions and arrangements, the “b.s.” has been stripped to give the audience something solid, unique, organic, real, and powerful. They have the look of New Orleans with the raw sound all their own -- music is a true definition of the “Richmond sound.”

  • Lauren Eylise


    Her   STORY

    Lauren Eylise staked her spot in the music industry with the release of her EP Life/Death/Life in September 2017; however, music has always been a means of existence for the eclectic-soul singer-songwriter.


    Since she could speak, Lauren Eylise has been singing. What revealed itself as a natural form of expression for Lauren became a method of coping with life, and then a way of dictating it. Though never formally educated in music, the development of Lauren’s craft was propelled by her passions for sound, exploring the depths of her soul and dealing with what she uncovered on her journeys. As life’s inevitable suppression of innocence lead her peers to desensitize their emotions, Lauren Eylise sowed deeper into music, discovering the crevices of her being and defending what she found. Her music career was formed in the throes of adversity.


    When the racially hostile culture of her university’s campus left her feeling depressed and alone, music was her refuge and her community. When her dreams were seemingly crushed once she learned of the unplanned conception of her son just months after embarking on her career in New York City, it was her first single “Petals” that healed her despair and sparked her music career.


    Lauren Eylise’s genre-defying music can only be accurately categorized as eclectic-soul, as an array of influences make up her sound. On stage with just her commanding vocals and her acoustic Fender guitar, Lauren Eylise exudes indie-folk with R&B overtones that can take a turn towards Pop depending on the mood. Armed with her full band and background singers, the soul singer’s sound fuses funkadelic rock and electric blues. The unrepentant, autonomous sexuality of legends like Jill Scott and Janet Jackson inspires her defiant, feminine demeanor. The medley of sounds she produces is always in alliance with a vulnerability that is purely Lauren Eylise.


    Life/Death/Life is a seven-song project that showcases the freshman artist’s maturity as a vocalist and a composer. Resembling the matter-of-factness of Lauren Hill and the savagery of SZA’s CTRL, the songstress’ message is founded on the belief that people have the right to live their best lives as defined by themselves. While everyone can benefit from the level of vulnerability and self-advocation found in her debut EP, Lauren’s intent for this work is to liberate women’s sexuality and empower them to live unapologetically as their soul dictates.  


    Though Lauren Eylise just published her first official compilation, her resume reflects the six years of work under her belt. Before the release of Life/Death/Life, Lauren Eylise opened stages for the likes of Train, Matt Kearney and Raheem Devaughn. Since last Fall, the Suga Savage has earned opportunities to open for Linkin’ Bridge, Tank’s #SavageTour, Pretty Ricky, J. Holiday and Lloyd’s RnB Love Show, and Erykah Badu at the Cincinnati Funk Fest. Lauren Eylise’s emergent repertoire has drawn streams from her homeland in Cincinnati to New York and internationally in Germany, France and South Africa. In 2016, Ms. Eylise was named Women In Charg3’s Best RnB Artist of the Year.


    2018 is just the cusp of Lauren Eylise’s career. The future holds more healing, more soul and more Lauren Eylise than ever before.

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