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Flint Eastwood / NYDGE / Effee

  • Flint Eastwood


    Much like the city that shapes her work, Detroit-based Jax Anderson, aka Flint Eastwood, wakes up every day confronting a world that tells us that we are not good enough, not unique enough, not rich, beautiful, or smart enough; not the right color; not the right gender. Success is as subjective as it is elusive, but if the debut single “Queen” from Anderson’s forthcoming EP reveals anything about the songstress, it’s that she’s everything she needs to be.


    “Queen was written about the first time I was asked what it was like being a woman in music. I've always been the boss of my art--I write my own songs, I play shows, I design a lot of my own graphics, make my own videos, craft my own photos, and I hustle alongside an amazing group of people just like every artist does. I had never considered myself different for being a woman. I have always set the standard with my team that I am the boss, regardless of my gender identity.”


    It’s more than a gender thing for the Detroit-based artist though. It’s about overcoming feelings of uncertainty and forces of disempowerment; it’s about realizing your self-worth and carving your own path. The powerful indie-pop record is filled with urban percussion and orchestral instrumentation, and is a fitting lead single for Flint Eastwood’s 2017 EP.


    Crafted entirely at Assemble Sound, an 1870's church repurposed into a recording compound and creative hub for musicians founded by Anderson in 2015, the forthcoming project has found production support from fellow Detroit-native GRiZ & MUTEMATH’s Paul Meany, as well as a track with principle BØRNS collaborator Tommy English, and a home with Neon Gold Records (Christine And The Queens, Charli XCX, Marina & The Diamonds, et al). Coming this spring, the forthcoming EP will bring Flint Eastwood's artistic vision and story to a national audience at a time when it's needed most.



    Nydge is a producer and songwriter from Detroit, MI. He was born in a hospital, and despite being named after a race car driver, he drives a reliable Honda Civic. He loves podcasts, but he hates the talkshow ones. He likes plants, but all of his plants are dead and he feels bad about it. He can replace the brake pads on your car. He knows more about synthesizers than he does about microeconomics. Like most of America, he dropped out of community college. He used to love Trent Reznor. 


    In summer 2017, He stepped out from a behind-the-scenes producer role and started releasing the tracks he's produced and co-written as the artist "Nydge".   Since beginning his steady release of singles, his music has been streamed over 700,000 times and he's opened for acts like BANKS, SG Lewis, Flint Eastwood & Vesperteen. With the help of spotify's curated playlists (Alternative R&B, Young & Free, Weekly Buzz, Indie-pop), Nydge has received the attention of blogs and listeners alike. Indieshuffle speaks highly of his most popular single Won't You Call Me: "Another rare gem from Detroit, some wonderful collision of atoms. The reaction is straight chemical; the perfect high." Nydge has also placed songs on TV and is played in retail stores around the world.  

  • Effee


    Effee is the solo project of Frances Litterski (Magic Man, Kid Runner)

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Show Description

Detroit native Jax Anderson (aka Flint Eastwood) returns to Cincinnati’s Taft Ballroom following an impressive Cincinnati debut at Midpoint Music Festival in September. Flint Eastwood is what happens when family and friends gather in the forgotten spaces of an embattled city and are left to create with no rules, no boundaries, and nothing holding back.